What Causes Muscle Tension?

If you’ve ever felt muscle tension, you know that it can be extremely irritating and make it near impossible to become comfortable.

But why does muscle tension happen in the first place? What causes it?

The biggest reason why people have muscle tension is because of stress. Our bodies react to stress by tensing up, and there is a huge correlation between stress, anxiety, muscle tension, physical fatigue, and overall exhaustion.

For example, when we have a hard day at work, our muscles can tense up. We’ll get mentally tired, stressed out, and everything becomes harder.

The cycle continues and doesn’t stop for weeks on end. This is exactly why you feel like you need a ridiculously long vacation sometimes.

Now you might be wondering… are there simple ways to relax your muscles?

And yeah, there are quite a few – and I do recommend that you take some natural muscle relaxer supplements which will help you out. But you can do things on your own that’ll help.

The first thing that you can try doing is simply relaxing. Taking a long bath is a great way to take the edge off of a day.

While you’re taking this bath make sure to clear your mind. Don’t think about work, and don’t even think about anything that may add to your stress.

This is one thing that people do, and it’s a huge mistake.

They go through all the hard parts (making the time for the bath, and actually doing it,) but poison the experience by thinking about stressful things. It has to be both mental and physical!

Getting a really good massage is a great way to relieve stress as well.

Particularly as a natural muscle relaxer, you’ll find that this really helps you to “chill out.”

By loosening up the contracted parts of muscles, you can literally feel it loosen and drift far, far away.

Acupuncture and similar types of therapy work fantastic as well too. These practitioners know exactly where the stress lies, as well as the sore areas.

When they work their magic it can make the difference between you feeling happy or stressed out. Never underestimate how much a simple massage can help to improve your day.

Remember, your physical feeling is directly related to how you feel emotionally. Change one, change the other!

One more thing – there are some great herbs and 100% natural muscle relaxers that do work and can be taken daily (or whenever you feel like you need it,) so over the next day or two I’m going to share those with you.

I recommend one in particular, and I’m just finishing up evaluating it, so hopefully that article/link is above this one.