Zanaflex Tizanidine: Dosage and Forms

Multiple sclerosis is a disease which is commonly known as MS.

In this disease, some nerves of the patient stop working properly, and he or she has

  • weakness,
  • problems with speech,
  • less coordination between different muscle groups,
  • and in some cases, total loss of speech as well.

Other symptoms include stroke, spinal injury, and brain malfunctioning. Different medications are used for this purpose, but Tizanidine is most commonly used.

Tizanidine can be useful in providing relief for all the above symptoms. Basically, Tizanidine is a short acting muscle relaxer. It blocks the nerve impulses which brain receives.

If you are looking for relief from muscular spasticity, Tizanidine is the ideal choice. However, you have to use this medication carefully.

For instance, you cannot take it if you are taking any antidepressant. Moreover, you cannot take it with a certain class of antibiotics that includes Ciprofloxacin.

If you are doing an activity where muscle balance is important, Tizanidine can cause problems in maintaining a safe balance.

If we talk about the different preparations of Tizanidine available, it usually comes in the form of capsules or tablets.

The most commonly used dosages are Tizanidine 2 mg and Tizanidine 4 mg. Only a registered medical practitioner can prescribe the right dosage for you.

However, be careful the dosage does not exceed 36 mg within 24 hours. Take your medication according to the prescribed dosage, and do not change the dose yourself.

Moreover, use of alcohol should be avoided while taking Tizanidine as it can enhance the side effects of the medication.

Tizanidine is available with different brand names, and Zanaflex is the most common one. It is a typical tizanidine with all the side effects of tizanidine.

Zanaflex can cause some allergic reactions like swelling of the face, throat, tongue, and lips. Some patients experience a slow heart rate, and some of them even faint.

If you develop hallucinations and confusion, it might also be a side effect of Zanaflex. Many patients feel nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and fever as well.

Dark urine and jaundice are also some of the side effects of tizanidine. A burning sensation during urination is a common side effect of tizanidine.

Depression, dry mouth, heartburn, back pain, and rashes are some other side effects of tizanidine, but they are not common. An overdose of the medication should be avoided as it can increase the risk of dealing with these side effects.

If you accidently take an overdose of medication, consult with your doctor immediately or seek emergency medical help.

Tizanidine HCL is another name of tizanidine. Tizanidine HCL is also available in the form of capsules and tablets, but tizanidine HCL 4 mg is the most commonly advised dosage.

You have to be careful while taking tizanidine or tizanidine HCL. Pregnant women should not take this, nor should breast-feeding mothers.

If you are taking any oral contraceptives, they can also react with tizanidine so consult with your doctor if that is your situation.

Moreover, you may feel drowsy after taking tizanidine, so you do not want to operate a machine or drive a vehicle while you are taking this medication. Kidney and liver patients should avoid taking tizanidine as well.

If you are suffering from any such condition, talk to your doctor beforehand about possible risks and complications. You can continue eating your normal diet unless your doctor prescribes something different.

However, as stated earlier, use of alcohol should be avoided.

Tizanidine is available in different brand names, and almost all of them are easily available on the market.

You can also buy tizanidine online as well.

Many online stores offer them at reasonable prices, and it is a timesaving option for many. No matter where you buy tizanidine, you should make sure you receive high-quality medication.